Thursday, December 15, 2011

How can new teeth be so bad?!

Growing new teeth and having Autism (my youngest daughter) equal nothing but stress.  Since she is now double digits in age, you think I would be use to this by now.  But it becomes quite the opposite, you anticipate what is going to happen.  Usually my daughter ends up being so overcome by the stress she won't eat, drink, take her meds (bio) and then becomes sick to her stomach.  The thought of loosing a tooth to her is equal to you or I loosing a arm.  Seriously.  She wants to keep it in her mouth. Period.  Her left pointer finger looks like it has been soaked in water for at least 48 hours, it is white and wrinkled, from trying to hold her tooth in.  (OK-kind of funny)  The worst part this time is that there is a little piece of gum holding it in.  Not that I could actually stick my fingers in her mouth and yank it out- and yes, I have tried that!  Try biting down as hard as you can and then try prying your mouth open.....impossible.  There is no explaining to her that  this is "great news!" , not only do you "get" and new tooth, BUT you "get" to keep your old one!  She gives me that look like I really am an idiot.  (to be debated at a later date)  I do get it, but when you are a parent you will do just about anything to relieve you child of angst.  The hours we will put into this new tooth will exhaust us and will overjoy us when it is over.  My daughter has this magical way of making me realize what is truly important in life.  One week before Christmas and a million items on my to-do list and the only free day I have, will not be spent getting things done and making sure everyone has the "perfect gift".  It will be spent making sure my angel is well.  Mentally and physically.  It will bring me more joy and satisfaction then opening the "perfect" gift.  And it will make me thanks our lucky stars this is happening the week before Christmas and not on Christmas.  I know, terrible.