Thursday, June 7, 2012

That darn yeast.....

Well, here we go get into a groove of things, thinking everything is going fairly smoothly and then you notice slight changes.  My little angel is acting a little more picky, having a few more sensory issues, stimming a bit more, not getting as much sleep, etc. .  Thinking it must just be her reaction to the change of seasons, which can't seem to make up it's mind.  Or, perhaps it's hormones kicking in, she is 10 and all.  But then you regroup your mind (sleep deprived and all) and really try and focus.  It hits me,  she hasn't had a anti-fungal  in awhile......hhhmmm.  You would think after these years of bio-meds and figuring these things out it would come a bit quicker to me?  Nope.  I am pretty sure (you never know with Autism) we've got a case of seasonal yuks and a kick of yeast.  Lovely.  I started a natural anti-fungal this time and hopefully that will kick it in the butt.  It is a slow process, and makes her feel pretty icky, but hopefully we can get her back to a better place very soon.


  1. May I ask what kind of natural anti-fungal you use for your daughter? My son is also on the spectrum and has really bad candida/yeast breakouts with eczema and itching all over his body (especially seasonally). We follow a bio-med protocol and have used the Rx anti-fungals but it has been a few years and would rather kick the yeast naturally. Do you use something else besides tons of probiotics? Thanks!

  2. Sorry for the delay, we've been on vacation-
    I have had luck with Grapefruit Seed Extract right now. When she gets a flare up of yeast "behavior" I start real slow with the amount of drops, she is so sensitive to anything new- and follow it up after a couple hours with 1/2 a charcoal capsule in water to drink and a epsom bath at night to pull out the toxins and avoid, as best as possible, "die-off". The first time I tried it she had similar "die-off" reactions as the Rx anti-fungals so I knew we were getting somewhere. I have also added in homemade yogurt made with probiotic capsules that fits her needs. Summer can be a really hard season for her too, she now started refluxing as a allergy indicator. I swear it never ends! Hope that helps, I know all kids are so different in their reactions and healing. ps. one of my best resources has been the book "Healing and Preventing Autism" by McCarthy and Dr. Kartzinel, it has tons of info for natural and Rx healing.