Thursday, September 12, 2013

The "Hair Bean"....

The Hair Bean!
You have probably by now seen this "As Seen On TV" product.  Let me tell's the bomb!  If you have a kid with sensory issues you have to check this out.
My daughter, because of her Autism, wakes up each and every morning with a mass of tangles.  She has very fine hair, but a ton.   We have had many days where I would just let it go to give us both a break!  She would cry and scream and dread every hair comb-out session.  And I'm not kidding when I say "session".  I would use detangler spray, a brush and a pick.  And as gentle as I tried to be, it of course pulled and hurt.  
I struggled with making the decision of cutting her hair.  But then having sensory issues, getting it cut was another battle.  And her hair is beautiful....and she loves it long.  
My wonderful Mom (and amazing Grandma...) saw it at one of her favorite stores and ended up buying us 2 to try.  It looked odd, but we were willing to try anything at this point.  When we used it the next morning I was amazed!  It gently brushes through the hair.  It doesn't yank the hair, as the bristles are a soft plastic, and very small.  
It was almost funny to watch her just look glazed into the mirror as I first brushed because it actually felt good.  (A lot of people actually like having their hair brushed!)  She hasn't felt that since before her Autism.  It's been a long time!
And the best part is she said it made her "happy"!   She even uses it herself, which is HUGE for a kid with Autism.   
When her hair gets really bad (way worse than these pictures) I will still spray it with her detangler and sometimes use her small pick with the Hair Bean.  
My only complaints with it is that the shape of it (a bean) is hard to hold onto.  I drop that darn thing often while brushing.  And it could be a lot sturdier.  Ours hasn't broke, but it seems like it could easily.  My mom picked us up several more just in case they broke or wore out and we couldn't find them in the future.  She luckily found them for cheap!  
I hope this review of the Hair Bean is helpful.  I think anything that gives our kids a "break" is a good thing and we should spread the word! 

This is a mild "hair morning" for her.  Her hair is  
usually much worse than this.


This is after using the Hair Bean.  I didn't need to 
use her detangler spray this morning, but after
I brushed it I ran some water over the top of 
the brush to "smooth" her hair down a bit.
(her top is different because she spilled on it
and had to change, but this is right after
I was done brushing it)


This is what the package looks like without the brush in it.
Sorry, I forgot to take a picture with it in it!

This is what the brush bristles look like.  They are a soft plastic
tip.  But not poky by any means.  There is a small case that
it fits into with a tiny mirror inside.  

*note:   This is my own personal review and wasn't asked to do it by any company.

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