Monday, December 16, 2013

Mint Truffles

You know the holidays are near when you start making chocolate truffles!  

I always wonder why the recipes with the least amount of ingredients are the messiest and most time consuming!?  I always appreciate the candy makers out there every time I make a batch of truffles or any other confection!  You are a very patient bunch.

My truffles are truly a refrigerator truffle since I used canned coconut milk instead of cream.  And they are melt- in- your- mouth delicious!   I am going to warn you though, this is a very messy recipe!  Your hands and kitchen will probably be coated in chocolate; o.k. that's not such a bad thing is it?  

The chocolate coating I ended up using, turned out the most aesthetic out of the three I tried.  You can also use a very simple recipe of melting coconut oil and adding in cocoa powder to use as a coating.  However keep in mind, once melted coconut oil hits something cold, it instantly seizes up.  But that will not effect flavor, just looks.  You will likely get tiny lumps in your coating, but if you want to cut back on sugar this is a great way to go.  I added in the oil to the chocolate chips to help thin and add a bit of gloss for the final product.  These are for company so I wanted them to be as pretty as possible!

My crew loves mint, so I went with a hint of it.  Make sure when buying your extracts that they are alcohol free and allergy free!  All extracts are made differently.  You could add whatever flavor you like or none at all.  

Needless to say the effort is worth every bite with these decadent truffles!

gluten free, dairy free.....allergy free!

Mint Chocolate Truffles:

1 Can  Organic Coconut Milk- canned (13.5 oz)
1 Bag  Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (10 oz)
2 TB  Organic Coconut Oil
1 1/2- 2 tsp.  Organic Mint Flavor (alcohol free, I use the Frontier brand)

In a medium saucepan add all ingredients and bring to a simmer over medium heat, stirring continuously(do not boil).  Once the ingredients have combined, pour into a bowl and refrigerate overnight until "set".  Once mixture is set, using a small spoon or scoop, form into small balls and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet (about every 5 truffles I would rinse my hands in very cold water).  Place formed truffles into the freezer for 20 minutes or longer until they are hardened.  Once hardened, coat with melted chocolate or cocoa powder and store in a airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer until ready to eat.  Enjoy!

Chocolate Coating:

1 Cup  Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
1-2 tsp.  Oil (I used Canola)

In small microwavable bowl combine chocolate chips and oil.  Microwave and stir every 20 seconds until melted.  Coat truffles and place back in refrigerator or freezer to set.

*Depending on the heat of your microwave, you may need to add more or less oil to thin the chocolate.
*The sprinkles I made is a mixture raw sugar with a touch of natural green food coloring.

Coated with the traditional cocoa powder

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  1. OH BOY, these look amazing. I made something similar for Christmas but without the mint! Great minds! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Hope your week is great!

    Cindy from