Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fruit & Cream Popsicles- gluten free, vegan and top 8 allergen free

Ready to cool off with a simple treat this summer?

If you have 3 ingredients then you are set to create this easy anytime dessert!
Waiting for them to freeze will be the hardest part......

Getting fruit into my youngest Autistic daughter can be battle ground for us, but luckily she is willing to try it if it's in the form of dessert! 

We always have fun making and creating these delicious fruit and yogurt Popsicles together.  I let her add in special treats to them like allergy free chocolate chips, sprinkles or whatever her heart desires.  Getting her to be creative in the kitchen is such a blessing and a important learning experience.

These simple fruit Popsicles are really quite versatile and you can sub in any fruit you like and any allergy free yogurt that you are able to eat.  You can keep the yogurt out and just focus on the fruit and you will enjoy them just as much!  Or if you would like to make these a little more decadent then add in a bit of dairy free/allergy free ice cream in place of the yogurt and sit back and enjoy!

gluten free, vegan and top 8 allergen free

Fruit & Yogurt Popsicles:
makes 5 Popsicles

2 Cups  Fresh or Frozen Fruit (of choice)   *thaw frozen fruit slightly for quicker blend
1/8 Cup  Sweetener (of choice: honey, maple syrup, coconut palm, sugar, etc.)
1/8 tsp.  Crystallized Lemon Powder (or 1/2 tsp. lemon juice)

1 Carton (6 oz.)  Dairy Free/Allergy Free Yogurt ( I use SO Delicious Coconut brand) any flavor
*add ins:  allergy free chocolate chips, sprinkles etc.

In food processor (or blender) add in fruit, sweetener and lemon and process until completely smooth.
Pour into Popsicle forms 1/4 to 1/2 way, add a dollop of yogurt plus any add ins and repeat until filled to top.  Add Popsicle stick and freeze 3-4 hour until set.  Enjoy!

*note- if using a seedy fruit, you may want to strain before pouring into forms to avoid sensory eating issues.

Save image to computer and print!

Strawberry and vanilla yogurt with allergy free chocolate chips!  

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